Corporate Social Responsibility

Customer satisfaction

We respond to customer needs and strive to improve satisfaction by providing safe and high-quality products, services, and information.

Compliance with various laws and business laws

In conducting transactions, we comply with domestic and international laws and internal regulations, and act in accordance with social norms.
We comply with trade-related laws and regulations such as the Foreign Exchange Act as well as Customs Laws and International Treaties, and conduct appropriate import and export procedures.

Environmental conservation

Under our environmental policy, all of our employees work under an environmentally oriented management system, striving for continuous improvement, and contributing to the preservation of the global environment.

Respect for Human Rights

We respect human rights and do not engage in inhumane treatment such as discrimination, harassment, abuse, or child labor.
We prevent forced labor, unjust working hours, and substandard wages for work performed.
We provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees.

Anti-Corruption and Fraud

We maintain fair and transparent transactions and strive to prevent fraud and corruption of all forms.
We will never endorse bribery or offer monetary benefits to public officials.

Responses to Anti-Social Forces

We decisively reject, and will cut off all relationships, and will not provide any benefits to anti-social forces.

Information Management

We do our utmost to protect all information assets held electronically and in hard copy, regardless of where data is held.
We also handle personal information and information disclosed by third parties in the same manner.
We do not condone insider trading activities.

Conflicts of Interest

We will carry out business in good faith in order to fulfill our company’s interests and will follow internationally accepted business practices.

Accounting Practices

We properly conduct accounting procedures and work with our accountants to make accurate and appropriate tax filings.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

As a member of society, we recognize that the preservation of the global environment is the common concern of all human beings, and protecting the environment is one of the most important issues for our management.
We continue to contribute to the realization of a global well-being by considering and acting with environmental conservation issues in mind throughout our business activities.

Business Activities

We specialize in selling electronic equipment parts, automobile-related parts, and etc.,
We also design and sell the optical communication-related parts.
We engage in logistic services and trade activities for those products.

Course of Action

  • We operate an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 and continuously strive to improve our environmental impact.
  • We will endeavor to comply with applicable laws and other requirements as it relates to our environmental footprint.
  • We engage in environmental protection activities, including voluntary prevention of environmental pollution.
  • We promote beneficial activities to the environment.


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