Optical Communications
Interconnect Business Overview

Optical Interconnect solutions for the world

Fiber optic networks are enabling high-speed and high-bandwidth communications like never before.
With the dawn of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), data requirements are rising like never before.
Optical Interconnect solutions are considered to be the heart of fiber optic networks.
Our Optical Communications Interconnect Business is leading the optical communications industry in the design, testing and sales of fiber optic interconnect.


To be recognized as the Global Leader for Interconnect solutions by providing our customers the highest quality and most innovative optical connectivity solutions.


Providing the best customer experience:

  • By understanding challenges the customer faces and values they seek, and deliver the best solution promptly
  • By pursuing continuous product innovation that exceeds customer expectation
  • By providing local service globally with industry leading quality



SN® Connector
The next-generation Ultra Small Form Factor connector is a dual fiber solution for high-density applications.
The SN® is adopted by optical transceiver standards QSFP-DD and OSFP MSA.


Continue to push the limits of interconnect

The telecommunications industry continues to make rapid progress. In this ever-changing industry, innovation is always required on an application-by-application basis.
We continue to monitor industry trends and the needs of our business partners, in order to solve market challenges via innovative product development.
To push the limits of interconnect, our design and development team throughout the globe work seamlessly together to deliver advanced designs, protypes, and finished products.

Highest Quality

World trusted Interconnect products

As the demand for telecommunication infrastructure around the world continues to grow, the stability of optical networks is becoming even more important.
In addition to developing products that meet and exceed industry standards, we regularly submit our new products to recognized independent third-party testing laboratories for verification and certification. It is important for us to continue to make products that can be used and trusted by our business partners.


Globally, locally

With over 16 office locations globally, each with its local staff ready to provide timely support.
In addition, in order to catch different market trends in each region and country and return them to customers we participate in various International Standards Organizations as well as Industry Associations to monitor market trends in each region. We actively participate with publications of technical documents, webinars, trainings and educational videos for the benefit of our industry.
We have training centers located in Europe, North America, as well as Asia where we provide training programs tailored to the needs of our business partners.

Optical Communications Interconnect Business Breakdown

Global share of optical connector sales volume

Top 2

Senko connectors deployed globally

800+ million pieces

Connectors sold in 2021

110 million pieces

250+ optical interconnect patents pending

290 patents held

New molds developed

100+ per year

New products released

15+ per year


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