Corporate Information

Company nameSenko Advance Co., Ltd.
EstablishedNovember 21, 1983 Founded as Senko Sangyo Co., Ltd.
(changed to its current name on March 21, 2021)
Capital90 million yen
Net Sales49.6 billion yen (fiscal year ended March 31, 2023: Non-consolidated sales in Japan)
Description of business Automotive & Industrial (A&I) Business
(Purchase and sale of automotive-related parts, industrial equipment, and electronic equipment components)
Optical Communications (OC) Business
(Planning, designing and purchasing for sale of optical interconnect components)
Logistics, trade, inspection, and advisory services related to the above.
Representative DirectorChairman Masahiro Osumi
President Ryosuke Okura
Number of Employees140 in Japan, 400 overseas, 540 in total
BankBank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Mie Bank,Hyakugo Bank
Acquired authentication ISO 14001:2015 (Acquired in 2007 / registration number EC07J0099)
ISO 9001:2015 (Acquired in 2012 / Registration number QC11J0077)



1983Founded as Senko Sangyo Co., Ltd.
1989Opened Tokyo Sales Office.
1991Established the first overseas office in Kentucky, USA.
1994Established an office in El Paso, USA.
1995Established an office in the UK and Australia.
1996Established an office in the Netherlands.
1997Established an office in Boston, USA.
1999Established an office in San Diego, USA.
2001Established an office in Hong Kong.
2002Established an office in Shanghai.
2003Established an office in Shenzhen.
2006Total Advanced Support Center (TASC) opened.
2012Established an office in Thailand.
2013Established an office in Brazil.
2017Established an office in Germany.
2021Company name changed to Senko Advance Co., Ltd.


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